B A C K P H A T . C O M
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My name is Trixie and I *love* back fat! Seeing a woman looking over her shoulder behind her making rolls of fatty flesh squeeze together IS SO HOT!!

Love handles are terrifically feminine and sexy so I try to show mine off on my site, TastyTrixie.com, and I love to look at other displaying everything they have to caress and hang on to!

A big beautiful bottom isn't the only kind of backphat - the actual fat on the BACK, cushioning the shoulder blades, is what I'm talking about. Yum yum YUM!!!!

There's something about those soft folds drawing sensual diagonal lines downward from the crease of a woman's spine, the dimples and cushioned muscles of the upper back, and all of this natural art pointing up, set atop the wider foundational base of a curvy ass . . . it's a view of woman that enchants me whether her size is just slightly padded, deliciously plump and robust, or most-worshipful BBW goddess deluxe!

The body is a decadent, wonderful thing; seeing backphat on the female form immediately plunges me into a rich fantasy of exquisite fat immersion: touching, stroking, rubbing, exploring . . . feeling her softness and mine squished against each other, holding handfuls of abundant flesh . . . so so much you just can't ever get enough or tire of its erotic, comforting, world-erasing beauty.

Even looking at pictures of myself from this angle, I want to worship that body on my knees, looking up at the swell of her butt cheeks, kissing her ass, running my hands up the hourglass, dragging my face against all of that soft skin, reaching around to put the palms of my hands against her belly and breasts. Mmmmm . . . dreamy!